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Songs - No Vocals

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Song Title

Key Signature

Hey, Good Looking


Johnny B Goode

Amarillo By Morning


King Of The Road

Wonderful Tonight

Crying Time

Kansas City

Still The Same

Rock Around The Clock

Boot Scootin' Boogie

Sometimes When We Touch

Hard Days Night

Hank_Williams_-_Hey_Good_Lookin' (1).mid Chuck_Berry_-_Johnny_B_Goode.mid Johnny_Cash_-_Jackson (1).mid kingoftr.mid George_Strait_-_Amarillo_by_Morning.mid

The songs listed below are  ideal for both  playing  along with and singing.

 After clicking the music icon, your song may not play.  Instead you may have to click on “save” followed by “open”.

Learning Suggestion:

  1. For your selected song, memorize the lyrics for at least the first verse and chorus

  1.  While playing your selected song but not playing your guitar, learn to hum or sing along with your  song (At least, the  first verse, and chorus.)

  1.  Given the key signature  in the table above, find the note corresponding to the key signature on the 3rd string.

  1. Refresh your memory of the sound of that scale.  Place your 1st finger on that starting note and play the major scale from that position until the next higher octave of that note is played on the 1st string with the pinky finger. Hum as you play the scale. In addition, from the same starting note, play the major scale untile the next lower octave of that note is played on the 6th string with the pinky finger.

  1. Pick  the melody on your guitar while humming and singing (without playing the song’s music)
  2. Pick the melody on your guitar while song’s music is playing.

Congratulations on learning how to play melody! Eric_Clapton_-_Wonderful_Tonight.mid The_Beatles_-_Kansas_City.mid Bob_Seger_-_Still_the_Same.mid Bill_Haley_and_The_Comets_-_Rock_Around_the_Clock.mid Brooks_and_Dunn_-_Boot_Scootin_Boogie.mid The_Beatles_-_A_Hard_Day's_Night.mid Ray_Charles_-_Cryin'_Time.mid Dan_Hill_-_Sometimes_When_We_Touch.mid