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Programs And Courses

Welcome to the  Hayden Center For Educational Excellence.

The  Hayden Center educational programs, including courses under a specific program, are presented in Table 1 below. The tutoring and mentoring service are also indicated.

Table 1.  The Hayden Center Education


Student Objective


Course (Service)/Cost

Poor homework & test scores, Poor academic status

Turn around homework & test scores, outstanding academic success

Tutorial Service

Weak academic status, uncertain of career/lifestyle objectives

Superior academic status, guidance in career/lifestyle choices

Mentoring Service


Understand  the self-organizing universe, actuality, reality, the self-organizing self

Self-Actualization Program,

Self-Actualization Program

 +Expand cognitive, emotional, and social intelligences

Personal True-Self Program

Personal True-Self Program

Working knowledge of essentials of  theology, philosophy, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, and sociology

 Community True-Self Program


Personal growth,self-esteem, critical thinking, metacognition

Personal Presence

Poor  academic history


Better academic status


Good to excellent academic history

Personal true-self

Personal Enrichment

Good to excellent academic history

Community true-self

Community True-Self Program, Enrichment

Tutoring Service


Multiple Intelligences

The Great Disciplines

  1. Traditional Disciplines. Each course is a long course closely resembling a traditional public school or college/university  course.  Typical courses include history,  algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, physics, chemistry, psychology, and sociology.  Each long course is divided into a set of client selectable short courses tailored to client needs. For example , a client may select Algebra I, Algebra II, or Algebra III.  As another example, a client may select Pre-Calculus, Calculus, or Advanced Calculus.   These short courses do not have an associated brief course. Each course focus is on concepts and problem solving.

Typical clients are  1) parents wanting to be more effective in helping their student child learn a specific traditional course, 2)  students wanting to be more effective while  taking a specific traditional course, or 3) adults wanting to improve their knowledge base  to be more effective in social situations.


  1. Personal Presence. The SHAL website provides a library of personal growth courses.  Each course consists of two parts: a free brief course and an associated  fee based short course.  The purpose of the brief course is to summarize the short course in sufficient detail that the client is able to make an informed decision regarding the short course  purchase. Each brief/short course focuses on a spcific personal growth opportunity.

Typical clients are people of all ages seeking self-improvement , especially  in self-esteem

  1. ReInvented-Self Program.  The Reinvented-Self  program consist of a  designated set of short courses .  Course topics include metacognition,  the self organizing universe, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, our deceptive brain, building self-esteem, and our multiple intelligences.   The reinvented-self is a personal state of being  in which satisfactory  levels of self-esteem and caring relationships exists from  cognitive, emotional, and social intelligence perspectives.  When in the reinvented-self state of being, a person 1) possesses profound self-knowledge, 2) has confidence and is  commited to future personal growth, and 3)   is  ready to initiate becoming a self-actualized person.  

Our needs, including the need for love and caring relationships and the need for self-esteem, were originally  defined by Maslow as both  emotional and hierarchical needs. Modern neurological science has greatly altered earlier concepts. Firstly, hierarchical boundaries are not  rigid but are quite fuzzy and even inter-penetrate each other. Secondly, we all have multiple intelligences, including cognitive, emotional, and social intelligencies.  Thirdly, of paramount  importance, our emotional intelligence kicks in before our cognitive intelligence. Such cognitive delay  is due to the evolutionary development of the various structures of  our brain, one after another. Our brain stem  (often called our reptile brain) developed first and provides primitive survival functions.  Additional  structures (often called the animal brain)  evolved to provide  pre-Man with subconscious  survival functions.  Our cognitive intelligence, mainly associated with the frontal cortex,  is a comparatively late development. Our emotional intelligence results from an integrative communication with the lower structures.   If person A walks up to person B  and suddenly shouts “boo”, person B will have an immediate emotional reaction.

  1. Self-Actualization  Program. The Abundant Living  program consist of a  designated set of short courses designed to help the person in the  reinvented-self state of being transition to the actualized-self state of being.     . This program helps a self-actualized person live life more abundantly, both materially and spiritually as desired.

  1. Personal True-Self Program.  This program consist of a  designated set of short courses designed to help a person transition from the actualized-self state of being toward an approximation the personal true-self state of being.  This program helps a self-actualized person raise their level of consciousness  and discover their personal true-self.

It is difficult to describe the lifestyle of a person who has allmost found their personal true-self, but listen to a beautiful violin solo.  Maybe your life can acquire  long moments like that.

A person who has created their personal true-self is a person who has done the hard work associated with their inner freedom.

Freedom is an inner condition of  our mind which flourishes regardless of our outer freedom or the lack of it.  At the same time, possessing an inner freedom represents the only genuine way we can achieve our  outer freedom. A free society can never come into being through the efforts of slaves, no matter what they do. And, we are slaves as long as we do not recognize that we are totally conditioned, i.e., when all of our actions spring from the past. Fundamentally, inner freedom is freedom from the demands of self  which is you and me and is also the society which we have created. Since there exists no greater tyranny than that of self,  the inner freedom is the ultimate freedom . Paradoxically losing oneself is finding oneself.

The self  must not be  made into an abstraction. and can therefore never be described.  It is constantly in motion; it is the most evanescent thing in the world. The moment you think you know,  it is already something entirely different. To understand the nature of the self, one must pay attention to one's actions thoughts and feelings. One must observe all their secret longings, quiet despair,s and inner conflicts of the mind without being carried away by what one sees.

  1. Community True-Self Program.  This program consist of a  designated set of short courses  designed to help a person transition form the personal true-self state of being to the community true-self state of being.  

As with the personal true-self program, it t is difficult to describe the lifestyle of a person who has allmost found their  communityl true-self, but listen to a beautiful violin solo.  Maybe your life can acquire  long moments like that.