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Need A Personal Mentor?

What is the secret to a successful and enriched life?

The secret is to expand your scope of thinking!

Most people journey through life with eyes wide-shut instead of eyes wide-open.  Of course, living life with eyes wide-shut always feels like eyes wide-open.   A person does not know what they don’t know.  People want an enriched life, but the business of daily living too often leads to a mundane existence. If you truly want to experience  your life at its full potential  and meaning, then you must come to grips with the fact that your journey necessites indenumerable wise choices that are somehow beyond your vision. Wise choices are best made in council and with a free mind.

So scout your neighborhood until you discover that unique individual worthy of being in your council. This individual is mature, knowledgeable about reality, has superior expertise in many disciplines, able to help with class homework assignments, able to nourish your intrinsic motivation to strive for the very best, and commits to incorporating you in his/her vision.  But most of all, this individual’s  expertise must include development of a free mind.  Our choices are much too often derived from unrecognized and pre-conditioned beliefs, i.e., beliefs conditioned by our parents, culture, and societal structures and not our owned free beliefs.

Maintenance of your vision is an essential devotion in life.  Your vision sees  yourself increasingly approaching self-actualization and your personal true-self in reality.  You understand  the complex reality faced by we human beings. Inevitably, other people seep into your vision and you become your community true-self.  Typically, it’s your spouse and children seep first.

The meaning of life is experienced when you see other people living a better life because you exist.

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A mentor is a resource for building self-esteem, self-actualization, and even becoming your true-self.

Increase you scope of thinking and have a nicer home for yourself and family.

Increase your scope of thinking and improve your financial life for yourself and your family.

A mentor can even help with your math and physics homework.