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Welcome to  the Hayden Center For Educational Excellence.   

My name is Lee Hayden and I’m very pleased you are visiting my website.  I hope you will visit again and again.  Please feel free to contact me by mobile phone at 702-945-1294 or by email at  

Are you a student?  Or, are you an adult wanting to establish a career or wanting career advancement?  If so, then you may want to consider the benefits of retaining a mentor.

Want to have a really great life? You have come to the right place!  Helping you have a really great life is my purpose as your mentor.

Unfortunately, for a majority of people, personal experiences up to this point in time are not pointing in the direction of a really great life.

For information on the Hayden Mentoring Service, please contact Lee Hayden by phone at 702-945-1294 or by e-mail at

As part of the human condition, everyone has a deeply embedded desire to live a really great life.  At the Hayden Center, we believe this desire is achievable by the vast majority of people.  Since we want to follow the lead of researcher Abraham Maslow, we shall re-label the desire for a  “really great life”  as the desire for “self-actualization.” A self-actualized person is self-confident and self-assertive, has acquired college education with multiple skills, has a challenging and enjoyable career or business, has provided financial security for family including a fashionable home and savings for the future, and is contributing something of value to the community.

The major benefit of the mentorship program is that your probability of  achieving self-actualization is much greater. By using an experienced mentor, self-actualization is achieved in the fastest, easiest, and most efficient path possible.  For students, the mentor assists with general understanding of subject material, test preparation, special projects, and any other educational or non-educational concerns or issues. For adults, the mentor assists with setting and achieving career goals, solving workplace problems, and any work or non-work related issues.  In general, if you have a personal need not being met, the mentor is usually only a phone call away.

There are many reasons why a person would retain a mentor as shown in the Table 1, Benefits Of A Mentor.

As your mentor, my purpose would be to:

If you are a student, I can provide support for understanding classroom material, completing homework assignments, and special school projects.  ,

Mentoring Service

Table 1. Benefits Of A Mentor

Guidance from a mentor who is more senior, experienced, and  knowledgeable can dramatically produce a more meaningful and joyful life

Become and be recognized as a self-actualized person with high personal integrity and moral philosophy

Become very proud of who you are and your unique physical appearance

Better able to contribute something of value to the world

Become a person who does not merely conform to their world, but learns from their world and changes it for the better of everyone

Boost career promotions or excelling at school

Expand cognitive, emotional, and social intelligence

Enhances scope of thinking to include highest level goals

Helps build leadership capabilities so that you can re-frame complex problems from multiple perspectives for improved understandability by others

Helps build leadership capabilities including high self-esteem and self-assertiveness

Helps build intrinsic motivation and drive to excel at work or at school

Enhances ability to flow with the ups and downs of life

Learn how to transform low self-esteem and self-assertiveness into high self-esteem and self-assertiveness

Learn to think critically and be confident about decisions at work, school, play, and relationships

Mentoring Service

Table 2.  Costs For Lee Hayden As Mentor

Length Of Pre-payed Agreement


Unit Cost

One month



Two months



Three months



Four months