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A major innovation of this website is showing you how to self-organize your life for the purpose of living life more abundantly.  As you already know, understanding your individual  nutrition requirements is especially important.

While designing this website  and helping people self-organize their life, a friend introduced me to the idea of an individually designed life or IDLife. We both recognized that the words “individually designed life” is strongly correlated with a “self-organized life”. We also recognized that, since IDLife was about nutrition and my website did not address nutrition, the two complemented each other. I was also pleased to learn that Troy Aikman, a now legendary quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, had partnered with IDLife.

Troy has stated that, before retirement from the Cowboy organization, his nutritional needs were managned for him.  After retirement, however, it became necessary to personally manage his nutritional needs.  After learning about the nutritional benefits offered by IDLife, he chose to partner with them.


I too discovered the unique benefits offered by this wonderful organization. I joined IDLife after concluding that 1) my health would truly benefit from using the IDLife approach compared to possibly unwise purchases at retail stores, 2) the identification of specific nutritional products were individualized according to my unique personal health needs, and 3) the free nutrition assessment based on my specific health conditions did indeed generate a nutritional profile that I recognized as valid  After taking the free nutrition assessment, I chose to become an associate member.


When you visit, please take the free nutrition assessment.

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