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Welcome to  the Hayden Center For Educational Excellence, a subsidiary function of the Smart Home And Life website.  I’m Lee Hayden, the sole proprietor and developer, author,  and manager of both the website and the Hayden Center projects.  

Why did I create the Hayden Center?  .. . . . . The answer is as simple as it is definite.  Some family members,  friends, and mentors have cared for me and I feel a deep need to pass their care forward.  I am profoundly grateful for the  realization   that much of the meaning in my life is directly proportional to my contribution to meaning in other peoples’ lives.  My family membets,  friends, and mentors undoubtedly felt similarly.

I believe the knowledge  I acquired as a nuclear physicist regarding the self-organizing universe paradigm and its implications for experiencing a more enriched and meaningful life are both outstandingly unique and compelling.  Also, I believe the knowledge and understandings I acquired from the daily business of living are significantly unique and valuable to be worth sharing.  

As a result of these beliefs, I established two top goals at the Hayden Center. They  are to 1) inspire you to  become a self-actualized person (as defined by Abraham Maslow’s research) and/or your true-self (as defined by the Hayden Center)  and 2) provide educational tools as you journey toward discovery of   joy and meaning in your life.  

My vision sees you as an enlightened learner – a  passionate seeker of truth. The Hayden Center is designed to be an environment that  nourishes enlightened  learners as they journey along their road less traveled. Enlightened learners values include respect and compassion for others, freedom of thought and creative endeavors,  critical thinking, skeptical openness to new ideas, and an insatiable curiosity of the inner world of the mind and outer physical world.

I believe every human being is endowed with a deeply rooted need to live a meaningful and happy  life but this need is blunted by our experiences of daily living. Although many needs are blunted, a significant portion of  the U.S. population gets a good education, has sufficient personal freedoms to build satisfying careers and family life, and view themselves as  basically successful and happy.  I believe that people have examined themselves, local culture, and national culture and want something more.    At the Hayden Center, the student learns to appreciate and experience a higher state of existence called reality. Specifically, we offer the student a new vision of reality.  Understanding this new vision of reality will lead to an enriched lifestyle.

Every student is capable of creating a vision of reality
 in which they see themself as self-actualized or their true-self.

Hayden Education Center

At this website,  this deeply rooted need shall be called the true-self need.  Researcher Abraham Maslow, in his well-known studies of the human condition,  referred to  a somewhat similar  need as the human need for self-actualization. In his hierarchy of human needs, self-actualization was the top  human need. To emphasize the depth of this true-self  human need for a growing number of people, yet maintain a connection with Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, the true-self need has been added as an extension to Maslow’s self-actualization need.

The true-self is much more than a concept of an ideal personal lifestyle.  As will be shown, it is a practical and achievable lifestyle.  Unfortunately,  various levels of difficulty, frustration, and roadblocks are encountered while striving for fulfillment of the true-self.  For these reasons, at the Hayden Center, we take the perspective that each person’s life is best viewed as a work in progress. Our work  is to help each person enrolled at the Center compose their life.

Imagine yourself 10 to 20 years into your future.  Is your journey through life on the desired  path?  Or, are you observing others living the lifestyle you want?  If others can do it, then so can you. These are simple questions that deserve  serious answers.  Almost everyone has the intelligence to become whatever they want to become.  And, the required resources can generally be found.  Don’t let nagging self-doubts hold you back, i.e., don’t let your belief system hold you back.  Make the decision and commitment to move forward in your life.



Admittedly, however, decisions about moving forward in life are not  always an easy task! Taking the time to consider your future ten years from now may seem silly, boring,  or a waste of time. You can simply hope dreams come true  and drift to your future or you can energize yourself and invent your future . . . .  Lean back in your chair, close your eyes, and mentally picture  “what” your  desired future would look like.  Would you like to raise your family in a beautiful home (first picture below) and get superior financial benefits from being a scientist, sportsperson, lawyer  engineer, (second, third, and fourth pictures below) or other professional careers?  Would you like to take your family on  nice vacations, have extra income for retirement and college for your kids, or have meaningful conversations stemming from your knowledge of a wide variety of events or subjects? . . . .  Now, mentally picture “how” you would achieve your desired future.  Undoubtedly, you will conclude that education plays an essential and critical role in achieving your desired future and an enriched lifestyle.

Hayden Education Center

My objective  is to create a learning environment  that fills you with a passion for acquiring knowledge and understanding, a passion for becoming more than you are today, a passion for experiencing happiness and an enriched life, a passion for possessing quality material items, and a passion for discovering a guiding purpose for your life.  I call  this learning environment the Hayden Center For Educational Excellence.  It reflects the values I have acquired during my life and the values I hold most high.  I hope these values will be as important to you as they are to me.

In my vision, I see you graduating from the Hayden Center and venturing onto that road less traveled.  Your life’s journey has begun again.

Hayden Education Center

You are  probably  here because of an interest in  the Hayden Center’s unique  educational opportunities.  The educational programs offered by the Hayden Center support diverse student backgrounds  and student lifestyle objectives.  Student  backgrounds may range from very poor  to excellent historical academic  performance  and student lifestyle objectives may range from self-actualization  to experiencing an  enriched lifestyle of living.  Specific programs are presented in the following list:

Please contact Lee Hayden for additional program or enrollment information at mobile phone 702-945-1294 or email

The Personal True-Self and Community True-Self Programs are journeys toward an enriched lifestyle and high state of being. This high state of being  reflects a high level of personal accomplishment, knowledge and understanding, peace, joy, and meaning. Achievement of such a state of being necessitates multiple dependencies of other programs in the table.

If you have  good or better academic background and you want but do not yet:

Have a personal vision  guiding your life?

Find joy in all aspects of your life?

Have high self-esteem and conversational proficiency?

  Have working knowledge in  large number of  subjects?

Have high physical and mental stamina?


consider enrollment in the Personal True-Self Program or the  Community True-Self Program:

Hayden Education Center

The Hayden Center asserts the centrality of the above questions to experiencing  a meaningful and fully enriched life.  Recognizing the centrality of these questions, the Hayden Center  has established  educational tools designed to facilitate your  becoming a personal center of excellence.  Absorption of these tools  can dramatically enhance your life.  These tools, in various formats,   will be instrumental in helping  you re-invent yourself, become a more authentic person, discover your personal true-self, or discover your community true-self.  The tools are based on recent research results, are exceptionally effective.

The Hayden Center educational tools are formatted as free brief courses, fee based short  courses, and fee based long courses to meet varying student financial and scheduling needs.  The primary purpose of the free brief courses is to provide an introduction to the fee based short courses The tools are also formatted as tasks for students preferring the mentorship program.

Your enrollment and education  

at the Hayden Center for Educational Excellence
 will present  the  challenge and support  you seek

 on your journey toward an enriched life.

Retaining a mentor,  
as a near-realtime confidant and personal coach,

greatly facilitates the learning process,
deepens the meaning behind each challenge,

intensifies your vision to see reality,

helps you become a new you.

A  mentor is a senior  and mature person available as a near-realtime confident, personal coach, and sharer of technical expertise.

Hayden Education Center

Our own personal belief system limits us

to our present state of being.

The design of our educational tools is primarily derived from characteristics of the human belief system.  All human beings have a personal belief system  1) representing their unique interpretations of their  encounters with reality  and 2) guiding their  waking thoughts and actions.. Each person’s belief system consists of a set of individual beliefs self-developed  from that person’s unique experience or theoretical constructs. Being self-developed, each individual belief is perceived to represent  truth or wisest choice of behavior. Unfortunately, our interpretations of  reality is  often ill-conceived. As a result, our  beliefs often constrain or limit  each of us to our existing level of  consciousness.  

Securing an enriched life is  difficult, especially   for  people unskilled at  or unwilling to accept the philosophical idea   that  a select set of  our individual beliefs   limit us to our present level of consciousness.  They confidently perceive this select set of  individual beliefs as factual representations of truth and reality. Because of the inability to perceive of truth or reality beyond their present understanding, the learning process associated with transitioning  to the next higher level of consciousness is severely crippled. Assuming the present level of consciousness is sufficiently high, however,  a person can experience  a high quality life without transitioning to the next level of consciousness.  

The desire to experience  an enriched life, i.e., a  full, joyful, and meaningful life, is inherently part of the human condition and an ambitious goal. The really good news is that this deeply rooted desire to embrace life and reality and  to achieve our full potential is a reachable goal by each of us.  Almost without exception, we are  venturesome and energetic explorers, often unrestrained by doubt and fear, eager to learn and grow, and to be and do more every day. We are searching for new personal experiences, knowledge, and meaning  beyond our present state of being that casts us into a new state of becoming where new  mystery abound. Implementation of the educational programs created by this ambitious goal will become part of  the Hayden Center For Educational Excellence.

The Hayden Center provides life changing educational programs

 that go beyond traditional educational programs.

My SHAL website goal for the Virtual Mall Section is to establish the Virtual Mall as a source of personal income sufficient to support the Educational Section.  Your support is appreciated.

You may be asking, “Who are those handsome fellows in the picture?” Good question!   I have been wondering about that myself.  . . . . . Actually, I’m being facetious.  They are both of  me, Lee Hayden. My goal is  to make a contribution to your educational world through my educational services, educational programs, and  supporting courses. I hope, with these pictures, you will have a mental image of me that you can associate with the ideas  presented.  Perhaps, you might even experience a  sudden and surprising urge for individual communication. That urge could be released by continued  reading of these essays or by picking up your  phone, dialing 702-945-1294, and simply saying hello or asking a question.

I would be very pleased to be your teacher and mentor.



The information below represents my notes for development of this brief course.  These notes are a candidate for future deletion.

The following section presents key philosophical ideas and conceptual design  detail for the interested reader.

The conceptual design objective  for the Hayden Center For Educational Excellence is to provide a set of courses which enable a student to reinvent themselves, become self-actualized and authentic, discover their personal true-self, or their community true-self. Each course shall be one subject focused and relatively short length.  The courses shall be minimally expensive to the student.   Key ideas that will be incorporated into the various courses  are discussed below.

The Top Requirement for each course design shall be:

 Each course shall contribute added value to the student’s state of being or state of becoming.

Key Idea.  The desire to live a full and  meaningful life  is inherently part of the human condition, but countless stumbling blocks often prevent the desired fulfillment. A person’s  ability to overcome their particular  stumbling blocks and achieve their particular  desired level of  lifestyle is dependent on their composite intelligence.  As neurological research has revealed,  composite intelligence consists of  cognitive intelligence, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and moral intelligence.  Education is the process by which our intelligences  are expanded and acquire new knowledge and skills.   Thus, education is a key   component of living that not only reduces or eliminates the impact of those stumbling blocks but, more importantly, 1) enables  a person’s vision so that  person  “metaphorically sees”  themself graduating to a higher level of living and  2) provides unique practical knowledge and skills for  each individual level of the  human needs that comprise the human condition.  

Key Idea: The Hayden Center will provide educational programs that expand all our intelligences.

For purposes of this website, the human condition is defined to consist of 1)  various levels of human needs well-described by Abraham Maslow’s hierarchal chart of human needs (shown by the icon above), 2) plus two additional  human needs labeled as a   personal  true-self need and community true-self need, and 3) plus a third human need labeled as a  reality based need. . .  Starting from the lowest  to the highest, the needs are reality based, physiological, safety, security, caring relationships, self-esteem, and self-actualization, personal true-self, and community true-self.  The two highest added levels of need, not shown in the icon above,  are the personal true-self and the community true-self.  Recall that each level is supported by educational knowledge and skills.

Key Idea: The Hayden Center will provide educational programs that address each of our human needs and provide tools to meet and/or exceed those needs.


  Characterizing the  human condition at a deep level is essential and  is approached by  recognizing a human being existing in reality as the one of the many products of a self-organizing universe.  A human being is a region of space-time containing matter  which the universe has organized   to a sufficiently high level of complexity such that matter (with its embedded functional capability) possesses self-awareness, i.e., consciousness.  Man is part of the fabric of the universe and, consequently,  the universe has become conscious.

Key Idea: The Hayden Center will provide educational programs that address selected organizations of matter (with its embedded functional capability) so that the student’s knowledge and thinking will be reality based.  Special attention will be directed to the self-organization of the various human brain  structures and the unique  intelligence associated with each of those structures.


Key Idea:  The desire for a full and meaningful life   does factually  exists as part of the human condition. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs identified self-actualization (also called self-authenticity)  as the top level need.   Self-actualization includes the need for a full and meaningful life.  For many people, however, the desire is only feebly sensed and easily over-ridden by myriad of other sensed daily pleasures.  .If it can indeed be sensed, then it  can be amplified and transformed into a personal vision. As a vision, it can be accessed many times during the day and, when in active awareness,  becomes an invaluable guide post coaching us to be true in everything we say and do.  . A vision is not a cute motto – it is an attractive  force in full conscious awareness that pulls our moment to moment actions toward Universal Man.     After learning the nature of reality, a personal vision sees a personal  life being lived in reality  and experiencing purpose,  meaning, and joy,  For me personally, my life is enriched because my vision sees you living an enriched life because of this website.

Unfortunately, all too often, starting as adolescents or young adults, we all are  caught up in the business of living  –  working hard to solve our multiple needs and  problems,  socializing with loved ones and friends,  entertaining ourselves,  acquiring possessions,  and coping with ever present stresses and pressures.   Our struggles are changing  too quickly to even comprehend let alone to control them.  In the process, we often lose touch with these deep desires or sense them  only vaguely and occasionally.  When we remember and reconnect with our deep , we may feel that they are somehow beyond us,  impossible to realize,  and out of reach.

As a result,  our aspirations become smaller and our  vision of what is possible becomes dimmer and more limited. We begin shrinking to fit the size of our container, i,e.,  we begin conforming  to our environment instead of adapting or learning from our environment..  Our  world increasingly seems to want us to believe that ordinary is good enough,  that greatness is only for others who are luckier are more gifted,  that making a good living and escaping pain or tragedy is the best that we can hope for.

Perhaps, there are moments when we sense that much more is possible for us. in those moments, we know beyond a doubt that we will bitterly regret it  if we live out our lives without exploring the possibilities.  Even then we may feel at loss for place to start  - a path to take that will lead us in the direction of true happiness and the fulfillment of our dreams . Are we too  fearful that we don't deserve to even set out on such a  magnificent undertaking?

I’m the  web manager and author of all this website’s content, including  the educational services and educational programs presented at this site.  Our services and programs, with their supporting courses, can be  a great educational adventure, personally enriching, engaging and entertaining, and capable of raising your lifestyle and  consciousness to a higher level.

In my personal vision, I see you living an enriched lifestyle because of the influence of the SHAL website's unique educational programs. Each  client selectable program implements a  specific lifestyle enrichment objective with supporting courses.  There are no admission requirements, no formal tests, no grades, no certificates of achievement, and no graduations.  Clients participate solely for personal satisfaction and lifestyle enrichment.   

This website  is my source of income., I hope you will make purchases from the virtual mall and ask your friends to do the same.  I sincerely appreciate your business.


W. Lee Hayden



This is  my personal website. Its content  represents me.   I have a passion for making a contribution to the educational world. My contribution to the educational world is  unique in four  major ways. Firstly, new unique programs of study, integrating  recent neurological research, metacognitive thinking skills, intrinsic student motivation, the self-organizing universe, the nature of reality, and critical thinking skills with deceptive thinking, have been designed to enrich the student’s life .Secondly , my  approach is to augment and supplement  traditional courses offered by school districts and college/universities. Thus,  courses are separate from and do  not replace traditional courses, i.e., students continue  enrollment in traditional forms of education. .  Our  contribution is achieved  by  providing brief courses, short courses, and parallel traditional  courses  to any interested student or adult.    Frequently, however, new courses independent of traditional courses are provided.  All courses offered by this website support ideas associated with living life abundantly. Thirdly, our approach is to expand both our cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence.  We lived in an increasingly complex world of opportunities, relationships, competitiveness, and turbulence in all aspects of daily living. Much of this complexity is caused by changing technologies.  Yes, indeed, the times are changing and education must meet the needs of the times. Thus, we at the SHAL website believe that education promising  only  to expand our I.Q. (Intelligence quotient or cognitive intelligence) does not serve the individual well in this complex environment.  We believe it is imperative to also  include emotional intelligence into the educational system. Fourthly, our approach incorporates some elements of social intelligence.  We believe that social intelligence is probably as important as other intelligences and  will incorporate  social intelligence more fully as we at the SHAL website develop understanding of the available  research data.

Education, that has been absorbed as raised cognitive, emotional, or social intelligences,  raises that individual’s level of consciousness and produces a  personality with a higher level of newness and fresh perspectives about their life and environment. At a higher level of consciousness , a person has 1) more motivational and creative energy, 2) greater openness to possibilities for change, 3) greater recognition of individual freedom to invent his life and change his environment, 4) increased  excitement  for self-improvement, learning and changing, 5)  greater recognition of individual impact on other people,and 6) an enriched life purpose,  meaning, and joy.  Education incrementally raises a person’s perspective toward the world and the world benefits.

Educational excellence is essential to a nation’s vitality.  Indeed, it must be accepted, owned,  prized, and sustained  as a critical national resource by the nation’s citizens.  In today’s complex, rapidly changing, and often unforgiving world, educational standards must  be continually upgraded so that graduate’s skills and talents  satisfy governmental, public, and private employer requirements. Citizens, in their roles as parents, voters, tax payers, school administrators, principals, teachers , and governmental officials, must jointly contribute to educational excellence.

Every person’s life is relatively complex in unique ways. Achieving  success in all personal endeavors is an admirable goal especially when success derives from a well thought out, meaningful, and documented personal  vision. By definition, a vision “sees” something existing in the world. For our purposes, our personal vision metaphorically sees ourselves doing something in the world. It’s during the  process of developing or revising  our vision that we 1) grapple with the core issues of our being and humanness, 2)  recognize our freedom, responsibilities, and necessity of making choices, 3) define our values and desired  purpose in life, and 4)  assess our personal needs to become more authentic or to create our true-self. Thus, our lives are complex and we  are most adequately understood  as a wide variety of motivations and desires, limited resources, concrete relationships, loyalties and commitments to those relationships, and networks of obligation to ourselves, family, community, and the world about us. Each of us must invent our own life and be responsible in it. We can best predict our future when we have created it.

My goal is for  this website to be a center of educational excellence. Excellence is founded on  patterns of thought associated with  modern understanding of reality. The great disciplines of theology,  philosophy, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, and sociology each contribute  to our understanding of  purpose, evolution,  and  reality associated with the big bang paradigm of the universe.   My vision sees people of all ages living life more abundantly because of  private and public  education and because of  unique contributions by the Smart Home And Life (SHAL) website. Unique contributions include providing concepts, strategies, and tools so that life can be lived more abundantly, both materially and spiritually.

My deepest hope is that you develop a major curiosity about your local environment and our amazingly wonderful universe.  A pursued curiosity leads to the recognition that we human beings are physically part of the fabric of the universe and not simply in the universe.  All objects in the universe, including Man,  are composed of fundamental particles which define reality as it is presently known by science. .Truth is buried in the complexity of both reality and our personal  situations. Curiosity will lead to truth.

 In my vision, I confidently see you in  the process of becoming not only that which you an potentially become but that which you must become, i.e., becoming a  personal center of excellence.  Steps in the main-line   process  include  achievement of self-actualization, personal true-self, community true-self, and person center of excellence.  Steps in the off-line process include achievements of self-esteem, expanded vocabulary, growth of spirituality,  metacognitive thinking, epochal thinking, speculative thinking, expanded multiple intelligences, and more.

It would be my privilege  to  present a talk to the people of your group or organization.

Hayden Center Educational Programs

Tutorial Service

Personal Mentor

Fantastic Memory

Multiple Intelligences

Traditional Disciplines

The Great Disciplines

Personal Presence


Personal True-Self

Community True-Self

Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength of the nation.

John F. Kennedy

The Enlightened Learner


Experiences deeply embedded need for a meaningful life


Experiences joy while learning


Experiences joy when sharing knowledge with others


Recognizes the critical importance of reality based thinking and the self-organizing universe paradigm as reliably representing the nature of reality


Recognizes Man as an integral part of the evolution of reality and, with birth of Man, reality has become conscious


Recognizes the critical importance of new knowledge of reality to benefit Man of the future


Recognizes the uniqueness of each Man as individual experiences of the human condition


Recognizes that knowledge is distributed among peers


Recognizes that new knowledge can result from dialog among teacher and students


Recognizes that knowledge is continually evolving


Understands that recognition of a truth means commitment to that truth

The Enlightened Learner - Key Prerequisite


Has considerable personal relationship experience in dealing with a wide variety of personality types.


Understanding multiple personality types promotes understanding of the true-self.