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Hi, I’m Lee Hayden. Welcome to Hayden Online Electric Guitar School. We offer a unique and complete guitar course for classroom or individual instruction that prepares the student for successful life-long enjoyment.of music and the guitar

I offer both private electric guitar lessons and online guitar lessons. Private lessons in my location are $35 per 50 minutes; Private lessons at the location you specific  incur an additional travel expense of $0.20 per mile. The online lessons are free if taken with private lessons. If taken independently of privated lesons, the online lessons are $35 per month with unlimited access.

Each lesson consists of a theory section and a hands-on section. The theory section is reading and studying only and does not need a guitar. The hands-on section requires an electric guitar and amplifier.

For beginning students, the Hayden Guitar School offers the Beginning Guitar  Course. This course consists of ten lessons and offers the  following unique features:

If you are an intermediate student, the Hayden Guitar School offers the Intermediate Guitar Course. This course consists of ten lessons and offers the following unique features;

I am very proud of this website and anticipate you will return repeatedly because of its impact on you personally.  Not only will you become an exceptionally good guitar player but you will discover that you are living your life much more abundantly - materially, cognitively, emotionally, socially and spiritually. I believe that a passion for music can transform a purposeless life into a purpose driven life. From the perspective of a scientist and not a theologian, a purpose driven life must be invented by each of us. Except for a rare few individuals, it is not given to us - we must work hard and earn it. The true-self is characterized by a life that is not only purpose driven, but has high self-esteem, high integrity, respect for others, full absorption in all chosen endeavors, and faith that the learning process yields the recognition that self-revelation and revelation from the universe is continuous.

In my vision, I see myself providing you an outstanding set of musical tools that can potentially change your life. I am very pleased to do so..

If you find that the Hayden Online Electric Guitar School has benefited you, please consider making online purchases at the virtual mall. You’ll save money and help me make some.

Thanks, Lee Hayden

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