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“My vision sees you.  Your are real and reality. You are a beautiful woman. . . . But, that does not quite capture the essence of you.  You are a good woman. . . . Yes, but even more than that.  you are a true woman.  You are true in everything you say and do, possibly to a fault.  Yes, beautiful, good, and true. That’s you.”   —––- The Web Manager

Founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1988, Gaiam is a provider of information, goods and services to customers who value the environment, a sustainable economy, healthy lifestyles, alternative healthcare and personal development.  

Gaiam (pronounced "guy-um"), is a fusion of the words "Gaia" and "I am" Gaia, mother Earth, was honored on the Isle of Crete in ancient Greece 5,000 years ago by the Minoan civilization. This civilization valued education, art, science, recreation, and the environment and believed that the Earth was directly connected to its existence and daily life. The concept of Gaia stems from the ancient philosophy that the Earth is a living entity.

At Gaiam, we believe that all of the Earth's living matter, air, oceans and land form an interconnected system that can be seen as a single entity. The word Gaiam represents planetary awareness, preservation and support of the interconnectivity of all living things. By nurturing, protecting and respecting our planet, its natural resources and its inhabitants, we enrich our own lives and those of future generations.

Gaiam takes great pride in customer service.

 Essay: The Scientific Basis For Becoming Your True-Self

As a physicist and web manager for this Smart Home And Life website, I am please to present this  short essay on the scientific basis  and reason for becoming  your True-Self.  This basis and reason derives from the present vision of reality  as characterized by the self-organizing  universe (also known as the big bang) paradigm of physics. Becoming your True-Self also involves other concepts and practices;not included in this essay. For example, meditation,  mindfulness,  consciousness, and personal belief system are key concepts mentioned in passing but not discussed. However,  relevant information,  books and supporting products are provided by the Gaiam website.

The self-organizing universe paradigm of physics provides a new vision of reality. When  understood and practiced, this new vision of reality motivates us to live more meaningful lives, including more spiritual lives.

A major purpose of the Smart Home and Life  website is to provide knowledge and understanding of a new vision of reality derived from  a science perspective, especially a physics perspective. Acceptance of this vision of reality motivates a person to search for  two states of being: 1)  their Personal True-Self and, subsequently, 2) their Community True-Self.  In achieving and experiencing  these states of being, a person must raise their   level of consciousness or already be at a high level.

A vision statement must always signify seeing the changed lives of other  people occurring because you or your company exist.

You or your company  exists as agents  causing  the changed lives of other people.   The changed lives have specific identifying characterics traceable to your or your company’s specific actions. Observation of the changed lives in actuality brings meaning to you or your company.


The quality of your life depends on the quality of questions you ask.

The big question. Perhaps, the biggest question of your life. . . . . .Assume it’s morning and you have just started your day.


What motivates you to do what you will do today?

Some people simply conform to their environment and drift through their day.  They live couch potato lives. Other people adapt to their environment and often live fulfilling and happy lives.  Still others learn from their environment and change it so that they can 1) live more meaningful lives, 2) strive to discover their True-Selves, and 3) strive to make the world a better place for multiple people to live.

Who are these people that learn and change their environment?

People who learn and change their environment have multiple motivations, called  devotional goals,  that drive them each day.

A few devotional goals may include the following:

  1. Learning essential  ideas of  the great disciplines:  philosophy, theology, science (mainly physics), psychology, and sociology.  Essential ideas are aspects of the great disciplines that relate the great disciplines to an understanding reality,
  2. .Knowing thy self including  meditation,  reflection on personal vision, analysis of belief system limitations


The deepest level of reality in the universe is defined by the standard model of physics, which consists of a zoo of fundamental particles (usually called fields by physicists).  These particles  (fields) represent physical reality as it is understood today.  All objects in the universe (including you, me, skunks, rocks, stars, and atoms) are reducible to particles of the standard model.  

From a scientific perspective, at the deepest level of reality, we are all part-of-the-universe and not placed-in-the-universe.

The universe started organizing matter about 14 billion years ago.

The nature of reality, as reality is scientifically understood to date, is based on the big bang paradigm of the universe. For a very brief time after the big bang, there was no matter in the universe. Then, the higgs boson (also known as the God particle) gave matter to the universe as the quark particle.  The universe started  in great simplicity and has been organizing increasingly complex configurations of quarks and electrons.  At all levels of reality in this simple model of the universe, matter contains quarks and electrons. The deepest levels of reality are: quantum fields, quarks, protons and neutrons and electrons, atoms, and molecules. The highest level of reality, also called actuality, is the human being.

Thus, quarks, as the earliest and simplest  form of matter,  first organized into  protons and neutrons. Protons and neutrons are configurations of quarks. Building on the proton and neutron configurations of quarks, the protons and neutrons along with electrons  then organized into  atoms of various types given by the periodic table.  The human brain is the highest known complexity of matter.  It is the most complex organization of quarks.

Man’s knowledge of the universe has produced  a staggering number  technological benefits


The universe appears to be self-organizing and the discipline of science describes the individual steps in organizing process with amazing accuracy. Science  provides a “description” of each step but has not net provided the “why” behind each step. For example, physics has determined that the nucleus of an atom is stable,  Initially, the stability was a puzzlement because the protons  all have  positive charges and should repell each other and prevent stability. Eventually, the strong nuclear force was discovered and the conslusion was correctly made that the strong nuclear force held the nucleus together. in the nucleus because of the strong nuclear force. Thus, we discover and describe this force, but we can’t state why it exists.

There are more than 100 parameters in the universe for which the values are known to great accuracy.  Our paradigm and theories accept the existence of these parameters but we do not yet  know why they exists.  From this perspective, the self-organizing universe paradigm is incomplete.

Science provides a”description” of each step in the self-organizing process but  does not provide a “why”  for the steps.

Physicists  build theories about the universe assuming use of  the  self-organizing paradigm (sometimes called the big bang paradigm).  


The ability to achieve and sustain the state of mindfulness is a key personal talent for any person to possess.  No matter their particular perspective on God, the universe, or life, any person who 1) dares to ask big questions, 2) not afraid of the answers,  and 3) values the chastity of their intellect would greatly benefit from the mindfulness tool.


Mindfulness is  important to atheist, agnostics, theist, secularist or to anyone that asks big questions and sincerely desires  truthful. answers.

Mindfulness  is important to anyone who wants to examine their personal belief system.  It is especially important  for those people engaging in the  the process of becoming their true-self as detailed in this website. .

The discipline of physics is the most fundamental of the scientific disciplines.  For example, the discipline of chemistryderives directly from physics. Biology,in turn, derives from chemistry,Thus, the decision regarding the existence of a creator of the universe will be based on the consensus of physicists and not a consensus of chemists or biologists or the beliefs of any individual. The scientific method remains supreme  and a consensus opinion regarding a creator has not emerged.

A consensus opinion of leading physicists regarding the existence of a creator of the universe has not yet emerged.

My personal belief is that as a person studies the nature of reality via the discipline of physics, they will become increasing spiritual.  The author of  The Road Less Traveled, M. Scott Peck, came to the same conclusion after talking to leading physicists.

Use of the basic ideas of mindfulness to raise the level  of consciousness for the purpose of discovering  the True-Self is highly encouraged. The Gaiam website offers numerous helpful  products supporting your mediation needs- just click on an ad or icon above to enter the Gaiam website.

  Aspects of the personal belief system generally limit the  ability to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

Our personal belief system limits our ability to move to a higher level of consciousness.

Mindfulness is a state of  being during which active attention on the thoughts and feelings of the present moment is maintained.  When in this state,  thoughts and feelings can be observed  without judging them as good or bad. Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to experience.

 The practice of  mindfulness is a powerful tool useful in raising  a person’s level of consciousness

As people become increasingly knowledgeable about  reality, they: