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What is it that makes a woman beautiful? Physical attractiveness? Is it grace or charm pleasing to the eye of the beholder?  Yes. Physical or mental loveliness?  Yes.  Some people believe that poetry was invented because of the failure of prose to supply an adequate vocabulary to describe a beautiful woman. Beauty has many components.  Beauty can certainly be enhanced by use of the products at  

But beauty is also an emanation shining through from the true-self resulting from many psychologically subtle factors such as self-esteem, self-acceptance, and a sense of personal empowerment. Beauty is independent of age.

The noun “beauty” is most frequently defined as a person who is physically attractive or may refers to something that has a particular good or beneficial quality.  The adjective “beautiful” refers to something that delights the eye.

The overall theme of this website is  the theory of a self-organizing universe. Being part of the universe, we human beings are also is self-organizing.  We strive to live our life more abundantly, both materially and spiritually.Our level of consciousness, ideas, and attitudes are rapidly changing. With our rising level of consciousness, the important role of beauty in our lives becomes increasingly necessary and desirable. People are becoming increasingly aware of the concept of being self-actualized, with the prerequisites of self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.

This website is about living life more abundantly, both materially and spiritually. We have learned, based on several essays on this website and Maslow’s “Hierarchy Of Needs”, that  human needs range from basic survival to  self-actualization. Self-actualization or partial self-actualization is realized when each of our lower level needs is satisfied. The need for recognition differs because it exists at all levels except                                          for the survival level. It exists for both male and female.

                                         At this point, a more detail analysis of beauty as a human                                               need that could be appended to the chart would be                                           helpful.  I suspect such an analysis would show that                                          full self-actualized does not require physical beauty or physical handsomeness the beauty (or handsome) need to be satisfied.  Everyone should  dress appropriately (maybe better than appropriately), maintain a healthy diet, stand and walk tall and proud, with shoulders back, and head held up. Development of a working knowledge of products at will boost your self-esteem.

 Our  environment is complex and, in some cases, it is quite easy to miss our mark. For example, we may have indeed achieved a very large working vocabulary as desired. But, because of an unresolved psychological need for attention, our working vocabulary  may be used inappropriately. Consequently, one or more of the vocabulary words presented above may reflect the way your listeners characterize you. A powerful working vocabulary is a great asset, but ask yourself the question:  Am I pulling people toward me or am I pushing them away?

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Pithy brief and full of meaning and substance; concise