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BC - The ReInvented Self

Hi, I’m Lee Hayden, physicist, website owner, manager, and author .  I am pleased to welcome you to the Hayden Center For Educational Excellence.  The Hayden Center  offers students a variety of educational programs of study, each  program leading to an opportunity to  experience a unique  form of  lifestyle  enrichment.  Click here to review the available programs of study, courses, durations, and costs.  Contact Lee Hayden at 707-945-1294 for additional information.

The need to live an enriched lifestyle is deeply embedded in every human being.

At the Hayden Center, the student selects a personal lifestyle enrichment program from the following:  self-actualization, personal true-self, or community true-self.  (Alternatively, the student may select an individual course such as this course.)  Programs are implemented as free brief courses and associated fee-based short courses.  The Hayden Center provides the educational environment that supports the student’s attainment of the selected lifestyle enrichment program or coursework.

Achieving an enriched lifestyle requires knowledge of the personal growth process.

The present purpose is to discuss “The Re-Invented Self”.  This free brief course summarizes the associated fee based short course which is conducted  face-to-face.  I’m Lee Hayden and I commit  to making both brief and  short courses of high quality and exceptionally beneficial to you.

This free brief course summarizes the fee based associated short course of the same title.  The greater benefit from this course can be  achieved in the short course.  

This course has no prerequisites.  However, you will be asked to review several brief courses during this brief and the associated short course.  For best results, you may elect to enroll in the  short courses that are referenced.

Neurobiology and related sciences have made many dramatic breakthroughs in  knowledge of how the brain functions  and how that knowledge can help us live better lives.  From the perspective of the SHAL website, neurobiological  knowledge iw the foundation for the following life enhancements and benefits:

  1.  Better  sleeping habits,
  2. Increased personnel self-esteem,
  3. Reduction of stress
  4. More successful dieting,
  5. Improved mindfulness skill,
  6. Improved creative thinking skills
  7. Improved memory:.

What we know from neurology

 has the potential for changing your life.    

A person re-inventing their life  is in the process of examining their own life relative to Maslow’s presentation of our human needs  and is seeking self-actualization.  Maslow’s presentation of the human condition and human needs is in the form of his well-known hierarchical chart of the human needs shown below:

Maslow’s chart suggests a path for examing and resolving unsatisfied needs, i.e., from bottom to top of the chart.  This path is suggested but not rigidly followed.

The process of re-inventing your life is as follows:

1. Initial Being.  Your initial being is your present state of being. Identify possible concerns  associated with your career, intimate relationships, finances, feelings of inferiority, health, spirituality, attitude about the world, and your intellectual self.  Place  concerns and issues in appropriate Maslow need category.  For example, concers about intimate relationships belong in the Maslow Love and Belonging Need category.  Feeling of inferiority belong to the Maslow Esteem Need category.  Health concerns  belong to the Maslow Physiological Needs category.

The suggested path for addressing these concerns is health, intimate relationships, and feelings of inferiority.

2. Commitment:  Making conscious and deliberate choice to change your life and find fullment, no matter the obstacles.

3.  Doing: Create your life by declaring what you want for yourself, defing your goals, and devising a concrete planot make it happen.  Identify the actions you can take to ensure that you thrive in all areaas of your life.

4. Visualization:  Visualize our life as you want it to be.

5. Becoming:  Create accountability and structure to break old habitsd and gain the disscipline requited to live life to your fullest potential.

6.  Being: Experience your life at a new level

BC - The ReInvented-Self