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BC - Community True-Self

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As a student, why do I daydream in class instead of listening to the instructor's lecture?

As an adult, why do I allow my mind to wander during a business meeting?


Why do I not stand straight and tall?


Why do I not compliment other people?


Why do I not diet and exercise regularly?


Why do I not have regular medical, dental, and vision exams?


Why, as an adult, do I tease my parents so harshly? Why am I so insensitive to her happiness?


Why do I believe that owning guns protects my family from violence? Is your belief consistent with national data?


BC - Community True-Self

The universe was born in a big bang and has been organizing matter into increasing complex organizations with Man being the most complex organization of matter produced by the universe so far. With help from the Higgs boson, quantum fields produced quarks as the first chunks of matters. After a short time, quarks self-organized to produce a new configuration of  quarks called neutrons and protons. Still later, the quarks in the configuration of  neutrons and protons,   self-organized into a new configuration known as atoms, The universe has continued this process called self-organization all the way to the production of Man.

Hi, I’m Lee Hayden, physicist, website owner, manager, and author .  I am pleased to welcome you to the Hayden Center For Educational Excellence.  The Hayden Center  offers students a variety of educational programs of study, each  program leading to an opportunity to  experience a unique  form of  lifestyle  enrichment.  Click here to review the available programs of study, courses, durations, and costs.  Contact Lee Hayden at 707-945-1294 for additional information.

At the Hayden Center, the student selects a personal lifestyle enrichment program from the following:  self-actualization, personal true-self, or community true-self.  (Alternatively, the student may select an individual course such as this course.)  Programs are implemented as free brief courses and associated fee-based short courses.  The Hayden Center provides the educational environment that supports the student’s attainment of the selected lifestyle enrichment program or coursework.

This is a free brief course.  Similar  to all  brief courses,  it only introduces and   summarizes the key ideas  contained in the associated fee based short course.  Short courses are uniquely beneficial because they are conducted in a  face-to-face in person or on-line learning environment which assures the studied material becomes working knowledge.  As brief/short course author ,  I sincerely strive to produce courses whose content meets or exceeds common standards of excellence, objectivity, reliability, and life enrichment.  To enroll in the short course, phone Lee at 702-945-1294.

The community true-self program is an extention of the personal true-self program, which is an extention of the self-actualization program. These latter two programs are recommended as prerequisites for the community true-self program.

As website author, I accept full responsibility for the contents of this brief course.  I’m Lee Hayden and I commit  to making this a course of high quality and exceptionally beneficial to you.

The need to live an enriched lifestyle is deeply embedded in every human being.   With rare exceptions, an enriched lifestyle can only be fully achieved through quality relationships with other people. Achieving an enriched lifestyle can be a very difficult task, but mastery of  education focused on this subject will provide lifetime benefits.

This brief course addresses the task of becoming your community true-self  and is the highest level of enriched lifestyle. Becoming self-actualized or your personal true-self were addressed in separate brief courses.  Much of the personal true-self and community true-self tasks overlap.

For present purposes, the concept of community includes the range of relationships with other people and can be conveniently categorized as shown in Table 1 below.

To live our life, each of us must perform various actions in the world. Our actions affect the relationship with other people and the entire environment.  In turn, other people’s actions and the environment affect us.  Associated with each action  is a thought by a thinker.  To become our true-self, each thinker must develop an acute degree of self-awareness and understanding of their mental processing and thoughts.  The purpose of such self-awareness and understanding is to assure that thoughts are free from contamination and external bias. To the extent this purpose is achieved, the person’s thoughts are said to be  free will based instead of deterministic based.

Who do you see in your day-to-day vision?  Your vision for any given category should see one or more other  people in that category living a better life because you exist.

For example, consider your relationships in the family category.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Table 1

Relationship Categories



Social Structure

Patterns of behavior expected by our local or global culture, i.e., social structures


Relationship with yourself including high self-esteem, emotional intelligence, social intelligence.

Spouse/Significant Other

Relationship with spouse/significant other


Relationships extends to children

Extended Family

Relationships extends to parents, grandparents

Local Community

Relationships extends to neighborhood people of all cultures

Global Community

Relationships extends to people of all nations

Character Personality

Unable to achieve enriched lifestyle because believes all problems are caused by other people


Neurotic Personality

10 - Best Quality

5 - Good Quality

3 - Poor Quality

1 - Very Poor Quality

10 - Best Quality

5 - Good Quality

3 - Poor Quality

1 - Very Poor Quality

Your Relationship With

Your Positive Contribution

Your Negative Contribution


Male Child

Female Child