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Authoring Invitation

Hello, my name is Lee Hayden.  As owner and website manager, I personally welcome you to the Smart Home And Life (SHAL) website.

SHAL recognizes both the personal joy, sense of adventure, and the vocational  benefits a growing number of adults experience as a result of the learning process.  In our rapidly changing and increasing complex world, the learning process is especially important, even on the verge of being imperative. The desire to know and the understand the world is embedded in the human condition.

If you have knowledge and expertise in a specialized subject and a desire to contribute values and meaning to the lives of others, then you are invited to become a SHAL Course Author.

Each course consists of a brief course and an associated short course.  The brief course is free to the customer and provides sufficiently detailed  course introduction enabling customer selection.  The short course should consist of one or more 30 minute lectures.

The short course is customer fee based.  The fee amount is by Course Author and SHAL joint agreement. Course fee is typically awarded 80% to Course Author and 20% to SHAL website.  The author assumes all course production costs. SHAL  makes no assurances that your course will be profitable.

Contact Lee Hayden at phone 702-945-1294 or by e-mail at

Authoring  Invitation