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A Self-Organizing Universe

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Lee Hayden

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A Self-organizing Universe

Presentation Time

45 minutes

Brief Summary

Most people want to experience an enriched life; some want to experience their true-self. For these people, understanding self-organizing reality is essential.

The universe produces our reality.  Understanding reality promotes critical thinking, epochal thinking, cognitive intelligence, emotional intelligence (including self-esteem), social intelligence, and moral intelligence.

This presentation is a layman's description of the evolution of the universe from the big bang to the present day. The universe seems to have the purpose of producing increasing complexity of organized matter, with the most complex organization matter being Man and Man's brain.  Man is a part of the fabric of the universe.  With the introduction of Man, the universe became conscious. Today, Man is also organizing matter so that reality is changing at an increasing rate. Reality is described by our great disciplines of theology, philosophy, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, and sociology.

As part of the universe, Man is self-organizing


B.S. Of Physics, Early career in nuclear physics, Later career at NASA Houston in various assignments including team member developing software for putting man on the moon


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A Self-Organizing Universe