The Hayden Center
 For Educational Excellence

Almost everyone has a passion for some thing or personal endeavor. My passion is education.  I am committed to making a contribution to education in America. My commitment to education is reflected in this websites’s “Hayden Center For Educational Excellence”.

My vision sees Hayden Center graduate students gaining a deeply rooted knowledge of reality and becoming their true-self.  My vision also sees  students  becoming more self-actualized, authentic, and centers of personal excellence.  

My mission is  to define, develop, and provide multiple  programs of study derived from Man’s present understanding  of the  self-organizing universe and the reality it provides. Man’s intellectual understanding of reality  is being continuously re-defined and  developed by the great disciplines of theology, philosophy, physics, chemistry, biology, and psychology.

 Each  discipline makes the faith-based assumption that  the scientific method will produce  increasingly useful existential facts of reality that  point in the direction of ultimate truth, ultimate reality, or the final cause  of reality.

Programs of study consist of a set of short courses of personal growth, are  relatively inexpensive, are customized to a student’s personal needs, and presented face-to-face.

. Lee Hayden

W. Lee Hayden

April 2017

A warm and cordial welcome.  We hope you visit frequently and enjoy the benefits of our website.

EDUCATION.  Our vision sees you living A MUCH BETTER LIFESTYLE , i.e., a lifestyle above and beyond an ordinary existence, because of this website’s influence.  Every aspect of this website  derives from a deep commitment to the achievement of this vision.  We recognize that the universe, our local world, and we ourselves are self-organizing to increasing complexity.  We believe it is imperative that our citizens become increasingly educated.  Thus, we pledge and commit to the education of our citizens..

We provide major educational programs: Tutoring Service, Personal Growth  Courses, Traditions Of Excellence Courses, Re-Invented Self Program, Abundant Living Program, Personal True-Self Program, and Community True-Self Program. We supply low cost brief courses and short courses supporting our major programs.\

We also offer seminars for each program.

If you have expertise in a specialty subject, we invite you to examine the possibilities of becoming a course author.

For additional information, call  702-945-1294.

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The Hayden Center For Educational Excellence provides an outstanding and unique set of self-development and personal growth courses. Brief courses are free and associated short courses are fee-based. Click Programs And Courses

A superior and relevant education is essential for an enriched career, family, and personal lifestyle in today’s competitive and uncaring environment.

We will help enlarge your scope of thinking such that you are intrinsically motivated to become a much greater person than today.

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The quality of your life is directly proportional to the quality of the questions you ask yourself and the choices you make.

Your True-Self

Please feel free to contact me  by phone or email.

Lee Hayden

Phone: 702-945-1294

Email: wleehayden@gmail.com

Our vision sees you living life more abundantly, both materially and spiritually, because we exists.

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